The Method

Self-Reflected Architecture

Self-Reflected Architecture – Motto

Each project is different, located in a specific environment and belongs to a client with a unique character. Hence, beyond esthetics and functionality the project must reflect the human spirit behind it, as well as that of its surroundings.

Self-Reflected Architecture – Target

To provide the owner a place in his image. A place that is designed for him, at the highest level.

Self-Reflected Architecture – Method

Over many years of experience, we have developed a unique method, one which ‘translates’ a human or company’s ‘essence’ and character into structure and design. Self-Reflected Architecture, in other words, ‘translates’ the specific human character behind the project into the concrete language of space, form, material, color, and light. The method is widely described in my book Home: live in a house in your image. The book includes various examples of projects designed by our studio, as well as additional works of architects from around the world. It explains in a clear and detailed fashion how to use and implement Self-Reflected Architecture in any project.


-Winston Churchill