Create a living space by your Design DNA

The Home Being Method

Home Being offers a new approach to design—from the inside out, with you at its core. The method is based on 12 Design Personalities, each expressed differently through space, style, material and color. Using a simple visual test, we discover your three dominant design personalities, which we call your Design DNA.
Take the test, discover your Design Personalities, and get insights into the architecture, design, and styling principles that best express you.

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About Rachel

Rachel Sela, architect, UTA graduate, successful interior designer, and sought-after lecturer, has spent three decades exploring the connection between personality and design. Working with thousands of clients, peers, and students, Rachel developed The Home Being Method, which easily uncovers the specific styles and design principles that are right for each individual.The Home Being was first introduced as a 200-page book published in 2016, בית בדמותך, and is now available to an active, international, and growing audience through the Home Being website. Rachel speaks about the method and provides design consultation based on it to public institutions, commercial projects, and private home owners worldwide.