Rachel Sela holds a B.A. from the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), the School of Architecture. She has a twenty – four years' experience as an acclaimed lecturer, giving lectures and teaching courses for designers and architects, students, and the general- public.Rachel has also lectured at various architectural conferences, and participated in the Israeli Design Week. She held teaching positions at the Holon Institute of Technology, at the Israel Institute of Technology (the Technion), and at the Ultima School of Design. In addition, shehas given lectures and taught courses designed for the general- public at various institutions,including the Cathedral and Wizo, as well as seminars designed for business corporations.


The suggested lectures and seminars' main target is to present the participants with new worlds of content and ideas, while offering simple and practical tools for their implementation.
Selected Topics
1. Home design as means of self-empowerment.
2. "Couple therapy"- improving your relationships by redesigning the intimate environment of your home.
3. The language of geometry, color, and light- in the mirror of history, sociology, and psychology- and its influence on the world of architecture and design.
4. "Light on the Personal"- Color and Light and their significant influence on the human psyche in general, and on each participant in particular. How would color and lighting effect you on a personal level?
5. Using a process of guided imagery, the participants learn how to connect with their inner world and imagination in order to 'translate' the latter into designing the atmosphere they need.


A lecture or a seminar may be ordered for a group of Architects or designers, a meeting of friends, a conference, a company evening, etc. Rachel matches the lecture/seminar to the number of participants and to the space in which it takes place.


Lectures are offered for a period ranging from an hour and a half up to three hours long.Seminars are structured as consecutive meetings, each lasting three hours. Two kinds of seminars are offered: Basic three meetings' seminars (a total of nine hours), and comprehensive seminars of eight meetings (a total of twenty-four hours).